Happy Anniversary @MétissageSangueMisto!

8 years and feel them all!

Today is the eighth birthday of @MétissageSangueMisto. And I got myself a very precious gift!


A brand new website! I am very happy to celebrate this ambitious goal with all those fellows who have always, for better or for worse, followed, supported, encouraged, and interacted with what, in all this time, I had to say.


It is not easy to understand the complexity of mixed people’s world, but the effort and vigor you have applied in wanting to understand and learn, is priceless. It is an effort that I appreciated (I still do) and which gave me the driving force to continue with the aims and projects conceived, developed and tailor-made, based on my life experiences and those of hundreds of mixed people like me, located in all corners of this planet.


In life, I deal with something else: I am an entrepreneur in the mining sector, an evolutionary anthropologist, an independent and self-financed researcher in African Studies, specialized in Nigerian history, traditions and culture, and, in my recent past, when things were still groping in the dark, I worked with children and young people with specific learning disabilities and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). But first of all, I am a person; a person who was/is lucky enough to be born and lived/s, in a balanced way, her bi-racial and bi-cultural status and to whom, the rich and enlightening life experiences, have led to understand how important, if not fundamental, the concept of awareness is.


But what is @MétissageSangueMisto?


It was born as a cultural, anthropological, sociological, and psychological project on Bi-Multiraciality and Bi-Multiculturality. Its flagship is the concept of “Too white to be black and too black to be white“, and that means the complexity of being considered an integral part of a mono-racial society in which living a multi-ethnic experience is today, still considered something absolutely unconventional; in which someone could be convinced that being mixed, automatically leads to serious identity crises and psychological disturbances due to the fact of having no roots or cultural heritage. Its bulwark, however, is the mantra “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t change!


It was born, initially as a blog, with an adjoining Facebook page, where I tried to enlighten the public,  about a different, enriching, and embellishing reality. Communicating with visual and multimedia means, I tried to focus attention on the importance of embracing all the cultures to which we mixed people belong to,  in a harmonious and peaceful way; comparatively, to the other, I tried to let them discover a world made of collages of different features, but substantially the same, in their sense of humanity.


I have tried to further clarify, by defining precisely, the differences that clothe our world. For example, not everyone knows the difference between the words “Mestizo” (when a parent is Amerindian – American Indian -, or Mongoloid – in Asia -, or Tupi Indian – Mamluks in Brazil -, and the other white Caucasian) and “Mulatto” (only if one of the two parents has African origins), considering and using them, erroneously, one as a synonym for the other.


The manifesto I chose for this project is “The Bill of Rights for people of mixed heritage” by Maria P.P. Root, a Seattle-based clinical psychologist, educator, and speaker with expertise in multiracial families and multiracial identities.

What does @MétissageSangueMisto offer?


In all this time I have studied a lot about the mixed people’s world, our history and our culture in all their variants. I have shared experiences, lived deeply the problems of children, teenagers and adults, sometimes sharing and other times contrasting them with means designed to process their discomforts and the difficulties of living among others, which, often, turns into a sort of masochism and harmful victimization.


For many years I have followed and taught children and young people, with specific learning disabilities, attention deficit, and hyperactivity disorders. It has been one of the most precious experiences ever carried out because it got me to understand how it’s precisely in the developmental age that certain types of mechanisms occur, and it gave me the tools to apply what learned, also in other areas that are not specifically related to the world of education. I found out how emotions are mental and physiological states associated with psychophysiological changes, with internal or external stimuli, natural or learned ones, and how their function has an evolutionary value which consists of making the individual’s reaction more effective.


On the strength of this experience, I realized that in Italy, mixed people are increasing in an exponential number and many of them find themselves in a sort of limbo from which they cannot get out with a calm and confident soul, because they are trapped in a continuous “what exactly am I?” dilemma. Others, on the other hand, are looking to relate to people who can understand the complexity of their being or have mono-racial parents interested in understanding the mind of their child.


In this very confusing scenario, with not yet well-defined features, aware of the fact that in Italy, I am a voice out of the chorus, and, perhaps, too ahead of our time, I gave birth to @MétissageSangueMisto, (soon with the attached MBA Program, Métissage Boss Academy), created to help mixed people find inspiration and motivation every day, and to live their privilege with a great sense of responsibility and sharing.


I firmly believe that every person is able to find his or her best part, here and now, in the present moment; with this project, I’ll try to provide the spark that will lead, each of us, to live, act, think and positively share our mixed being.


@MétissageSangueMisto is dedicated to the exploration of multiple approaches to the well-being of our personalities, through various categories of content, aimed at:


Nourishing the spirit by following the philosophy of “the only temple that matters is within you“. You can discover a deeper meaning of existence and shape your daily life on the basis of harmony, reflection, an awareness that will inspire and motivate you in the real acceptance of your being a person, before any other label. A personal journey with suggestions and tailor-made articles, which stimulate comparison with other people and other similar realities.


Inspiring the mind by following the philosophy of “believe you can and you’re halfway there“. A place of inspiration and encouragement, where we will fuel your imagination and creativity with remarkable quotes, thoughts from great writers, thinkers, artists, and, above all, true stories of real-life, experiences, and mixed cultural history. There is also a reading corner, with advice and reviews on books read and “verified” personally and a music corner, with playlists of sounds, basically dedicated to the Afrobeat world.


Offering advice on how to approach and/or live this mixed world, on how to work with children and teenagers, how to make a naturally managed form of inclusion experience at school and at work, given the speed with which society is evolving in this direction.


–  Creating targeted contents to promote your events, your conferences on the topic, or simply your product, suitable for our focus, following a storytelling path which tasks on the strengths of the product itself. The ultimate goal is to enhance differences and create inclusion, but, above all, we are able to do all this with passion and conviction, having personally tested it on our professional and life experience.


Soon we will also associate a coaching program (MBA Métissage Boss Academy), specially tailored for our needs and of those who have the parental or educational responsibility of a mixed person, in a developmental or adult age.


Down here, you will find all our new social links.


I’ve reserved a useful and precious gift for you all; just plug in your email when in our blog, and you’ll receive it very soon.


Just allow me to make some acknowledgments.


  • In the foreground, my big, great frizzy family, which, with vigor, has always supported, criticized, given me the most incredible incentives to never give up, even when I wondered “who the heck will ever read all these enchiladas I’m used to write to??”. I love you!


  • To all my followers who have always provided feedback, making their presence known, and giving their active participation. Your continuous responses and stimuli are the fuel that feeds the development of my project.


  • To all the people who have contributed, with their personal stories, to give a great added value to this living room, getting involved and narrating their private world. Please know that I greatly appreciated your availability, your precious gift, and the understanding of my project.


  • To Mr. Martino Ghielmi, founder of a great project called VadoInAfrica (https://vadoinafrica.com/), Mr. Claudio Lerario, a great shutterbug and polymath Co-Founder of AYZOH (https://ayzoh.com/), Eva Rinaldi and Bipasa Zoo, who, courageously, and with decisive insistence (I’m a wild type, me !!!), have been able to pull the fairer corner of my ears, giving me more inspiration and belief in what I was building. Soon I will present them to you exhaustively. Just know that my gratitude is, above all, immense.


  • To you, future users of my Blog: welcome to our sitting room !!! If you want to participate in our activities or just want to tell your story, write us a nice email or contact us at one of the links below. If you qualify, we also have a Facebook group, reserved only and exclusively for mixed people, their parents, educators, or those who share their lives with us: it is called Métissage – Sangue Misto Lounge. Answer the questions, accept the group’s rules and look forward to the selection!




Best wishes to @MétissageSangueMisto,  to you, to me and to all those who will come here in absolute peace!


@Wizzy, Afro Bodhisattva, Entrepreneur, Multipotentialite Wantrepreneur, Physical Anthropologist, Freelance researcher of African Studies, culture, tradition and heritage, CEO Dolomite Aggregates LTD and Founder IG MBA Métissage Boss Academy ,  MBA Metissage & Métissage SangueMisto.