We don’t demolish walls. We build Bridges. What is Métissage Sangue Misto ©?

Cultural Values are what make diverse cultures unique.


What is Métissage Sangue Misto ©? Cultural Values are what make diverse cultures unique.


Questioning, today, the topic of Mixedness and its boundaries is  extremely fundamental because there is a need to dialogue about  equality, diversity, uniqueness and all the issues that embrace our  being.  It is not easy, but if we are looking for some sort of change,  we must try to dismantle resistances, obstacles, fears and those forms  of “colorblindness” that grip the vision of many people to see us all  the same, in the goodness of the mind. There is a need to talk to each  other and to listen with the aim to understand, not to respond straight  away.


The world of Mixedness is a particular complex world, but not less  interesting and precious. Many Mixed people (and by mixed people I mean  people who have two or more cultures, ethnicities, races …) have  experienced a deep frustration when, trying to express themselves and  discuss their experiences as mixed people, they found themselves in  front of impassable walls made of misunderstandings, indifference and  judgment.


The dominant narration told us for years that there is an only way to exist; this is false. We are told that the normal,  the default in society, is white. People who have been told to admire  the heroes we see on the screen have generally conformed to that  standard. It’s instinctive wanting to give the simplest answer, which  inevitably falls into deciding for us which category we fall into. No  mental work is required. We are simply catalogued, or here or there, without considering that we are also something else. Every move we make is examined and analyzed. Our emotions may seem ambiguous, threatening, and our lives are often expendable, immolated at the altar of easy judgment. We promise to be united, but often in that solidarity there are fixed criteria to make sure that everyone in the group is “in agreement with the cause“.  But this is an unstable reality. The need to combat forms of perpetual  discrimination against us is met by the need to succumb to the need to  declare allegiance to one party. And we feel like something is missing,  like we’re imposters. Or worse, we don’t belong anywhere.



Yet our duality is our strength! What defines us as a race (yes, indeed! a social construct of categorizing, but still real,  tangible and annoyingly in vogue!) is not what defines us as people, as  individuals. Culture is always  changing. The only criteria we have to meet in order to recognize  injustice or easy judgment, and to fight them, are the owning of empathy  and compassion. And the only requirement, for me, to be considered part  of the culture in which I was born, raised and lived, is to define for  myself how I relate to it.



I want all the Mixed people to feel comfortable to express  themselves, share their experiences, confront and accept themselves in a  serene and safe atmosphere, because we cannot continue to feed  ignorance with silence. I’m therefore trying, with this project, to give  a voice to those who have something to say, to those who have something  to share, to those who have some experience to share so that it acts as  inspiration or example.



This is how Métissage Sangue Misto (MSM) arised, from the need ,  effort and willing to be a Changemaker, a creator of change. It arises  from the awareness of the need of many Mixed people to be represented  and from having noticed that racial identification is often a  complicated and most often painful path with the feeling of being stuck  between two worlds that, automatically, leads to several questions and a  kind of loneliness in the negotiation of one’s racial identity. And  this negotiation should NEVER be a burden only of the person who seeks  answers, but also and above all of the family and the entire community.



So here is a project conceived to offer an  exploratory space for the daily, psychological, historical,  anthropological and philosophical experiences of being mixed. MSM with  its WebMag, its Instagram ,  Facebook page , its reserved Lounge Community and CLUBHOUSE, is a safe space created for the comfort of shared otherness, but also to see what makes us unique in our diversity.  Let us remember that what everyone calls diversity is the promotion of a  difference of opinion. It is an addition, which makes someone’s  experience and point of view part of the culture. It means that someone  is embracing that perspective and allowing it to be exposed so that it  can be appreciated, criticized and recognized as a value for all.



MSM wants to be a means of support to those who  educate and grow up the new future generation of Bi-multiracial and  Bi-multicultural fellows. Life is complicated and so is the way we think  about ourselves. When we look into the mirror, we have the right to  smile in approval of what we see. We must try to live beyond racial  expectations.




So, what is Métissage Sangue Misto?

Métissage Sangue Misto (MSM) is a Webmagazine, an online Community, an Educational and Professional consultancy, training and mentoring program,  that deals with the stories, culture and education of mixed,  bi-multi-racial, cultural and multi-identity people, in a completely new  perspective, detached from that ancient legacy that still shows us as   inconstant, contradictory, ambiguous people, without roots or cultural  heritage, and constantly flowing in an identity crisis. Through the lens  of our stories, our life experiences and a great journey you’ll share  with us, you may discover a world made of new shades.


: Métissage Sangue Misto, is a safe space aimed to  self accomplishment and self awareness through discovery, the experience  of “mixed living” and being a bridge between two (or more) cultures. A  place to come across pride, courage and wisdom, overcoming those  uncertainties and beliefs that often lead us to a distorted vision of  ourselves and of the world in which we live, investing instead, in the  awareness of containing , in one’s being, a myriad of possibilities.

We explore what it means to be blended, questioning,   redefining ourselves and celebrating the beauty of multi-ethnic  identities. Visiting our blog is always an enriching experience, because you can find well-documented  stories, dealing with multiracial people, throughout history and around  the world, find yourself in these stories from decades or centuries ago  and, perhaps, feel a sense of belonging, representation or pride in  these shared multiracial experiences.

You will find experiences of some of us who have struggled, year  after year, to form our personal identities, or of those who, while  continually bombed with questions about what their identity is,  recognize how apparently they  are “racially” ambiguous. It is a safe  place for all of us, because in addition to combining positivity,  negativity, humor, pathos and realism, there is an illuminating  exploration of what it means to be multi-ethnic, making us feel  represented and giving us the opportunity to share similar paths of  identity.

This space encourages personal stories, presentations, art, poetry,  photographs, research, links to articles, questions and anything else  you want to share. This is a place where you understand that being  bi-racial or bi-cultural has its field of existence and that not all the  problems we face can be examined through a mono-racial or mono-cultural  lens.


: We are dedicated to the exploration of  multiple approaches to the well-being of the decidedly complex  personality of the mixeds, through various tools and various categories  of content. A place to come across pride, courage and wisdom,  overcoming those uncertainties and beliefs that often lead us to a  distorted vision of ourselves and of the world in which we live in,  investing instead, in the awareness of containing, in one’s being, a  myriad of possibilities.


: Our main purpose is to raise the awareness of mixed people,  both personally, individually, and in communities, schools and  organizations, supporting their daily living and community integration.

We focus on the importance of embracing all the cultures we belong to and our diversities. By learning from our stories, we  allow the voices of many to change the minds of a few, creating a  forward-looking perspective in traveling to other places, to see and  understand how other people live and think.

We seek to understand how our mixed backgrounds and cultures affect the particular way we navigate our daily lives.

We are determined to demonstrate how diversity is the true representation of the world.

We want to tear down the walls that hinder confrontation and build  strong bridges so that people can cross them safely and with great  self-esteem.

We try to strengthen our values   and give strength to what we believe is important.

Métissage Sangue Misto‘s Project aims to:

  • CELEBRATE the intrinsic worth of all human beings
  • EQUIP people with the strategies and tools to dismantle all forms of fanaticism
  • EMBRACE the differences perceived by humanity as aspects to be evaluated, not feared
  • INSPIRE people to respect and love each other


: Our values drive our dedication in this project,  because we are aware that they are important as they anchor us and keep  us steady when things shift and change. They are the bedrock of our very  being, everything that we try to do in life is anchored on that  bedrock. Values shape our behaviors, what we believe in, and our  relationships with the world around us. We are aware of how our cultural differences affect our well being.

#1 UNIQUENESS: is our diamond-shaped  cornerstone that supports our richness, our internal resources and  capabilities to be fluid in our life journey. It helps answer the  questions, “How are we different?”, “What makes us, us?”  , beyond the facets of our environment, policies, people, and culture.  We focus on that unique set of qualities that makes each of us an  individual.

#2 DIVERSITY:  is a reality  created by individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of demographic  and philosophical differences. A concept we define as respecting a variety of cultures and lifestyles. It encompasses acceptance and it means understanding that each individual is unique while recognizing our individual  differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity,  gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical  abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. It  is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and  nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and  moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich  dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. In Métissage Sangue Misto it is extremely important to support and protect diversity because by valuing individuals and groups free from prejudice and by fostering a climate where equity and mutual respect are  intrinsic, we will create a success-oriented, cooperative, and caring  community that draws intellectual strength and produces innovative  solutions from the synergy of its people. “Diversity” means more than  just acknowledging and/or tolerating difference. Diversity is a set of  conscious practices that involves a bunch of behaviors.

#3 FLUIDITY: we acknowledge that categories of difference are not always fixed but also can be fluid,  we respect individual rights to self-identification, and we recognize  that no one culture is intrinsically superior to another.

#4 INCLUSIVENESS: where diversity makes us unique, inclusion makes us powerful. We believe inclusion is involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worth,  dignity and differences of all people are recognized. An inclusive enviroment  promotes and sustains a sense of belonging; it values and practices mutual respect for the talents, beliefs, qualities, experiences backgrounds, and ways of living of its members that are different from our own. We strive to build and nurture an inclusive culture that promotes and values diversity as a uniqueness. We want everyone’s differences to be appreciated and this

happens when you give credit to people for their ideas and  contributions. It happens when you value that someone challenged or  helped you. Inclusion happens when people make the effort of bringing people in rather than keeping people out. This drives our innovation and connects us closer to the customers and communities we serve.

#5 EMPOWERMENT: valuing abilities, goals and learning. Empowerment enables to live to our fullest potential and to own our own selves , work and personal affairs.  It is pure validation, a state of being in which we recognize and celebrate our own or someone else’s potential. It aids us to feel appreciated, supported, and motivated, gives us the sense of control in our lives and creates purpose. It assists someone to take ownership over the process towards  achievement and creates meaning to the process of achievement and a  sense of pride, overcoming fears.

#6 KNOWLEDGE: knowing how to relate to those  qualities and conditions that are different from our own and outside the  groups to which we belong, yet are present in other individuals and  groups. These include, but are not limited to age, ethnicity, class,  gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, as well  as religious status, gender expression, educational background,  geographical location, income, marital status, parental status, and work  experiences. Understanding and Appreciating  interdependence of humanity, cultures, and the natural environment.  Diversity and uniqueness includes not only ways of being but also ways  of knowing

#7 RELATIONSHIPS & SENSE OF BELONGING: building alliances across differences so that we can work together to eradicate all forms of discrimination. Valued and seen. True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are. It requires us to be who we are. We  acknowledge that to build a sense of belonging requires active effort  and practice and we invite our members  to look for ways there  are  similar with others instead of focusing on ways they are different. For  example, considering the relationship between diversity and an inclusive work place, we have the intent of looking at the diversity in our workplace and customer ranks in order to create (or impact) a more inclusive work environment for all employees and in the process attract more customers

#8 COURAGE:   we believe courage begins with a humble acceptance of self.  It’s the courage to accept who you are and how you engage with the  world around you. Courage is both an expression in a moment and also a  knowledge over time. It evolves, matures, and becomes more observant. Courage is the expression of your true identity. Our value of courage is at the root of everything we do at Métissage Sangue Misto.  We strive to help people understand who they are by accepting their  mixed identity, strengths and limitations and recognize the amazing  things they can contribute to their communities and the world. We also  strive to offer a link bridge between different cultures using the tools  of emotional intelligence and cultural awareness.




: Métissage Sangue Misto is a resource  self-curated by its founder and her team, full of new insights, ideas,  paths and projects. It is created for you, by someone like you,  who has studied the subject in depth and dedicates most of her life, as  an EMCC Certified Mentor, to facilitate and accompany those interested  in acquiring the necessary tools to understand and enhance their own  Mixed world or the one of their loved ones. With the guidance of your Cultural Life Mentor and with the courses we offer, we will focus on identifying and  eliminating the particular internal and external obstacles that we face  as mixed people, as parents of mixed children / teenagers or as  professionals. We will work to forge a stronger mixed-adult or parental  identity, so that we can react more confidently to life’s challenges.  And finally, we will work together to channel you on a clear and  workable path to achieving your goals.

Our offer is divided into four macro – sections:

Métissage WebMag, an online magazine of educational reference where you will read stories, culture and guidance of mixed, bi and multi-racial and multi-identity people, which aims to stimulate people to learn new perspectives, skills and mentalities. You will also find a small section (only by subscription),  both in Italian and in English, of carefully selected articles, with  advice, suggestions and useful strategies for personal development and  growth. Surfing in a confident, curious and coherent way is not  something so obvious for us Mixed and that is why we want to offer  themes that can inspire new ideas and enhance an open and meaningful  mindset.





Métissage Sangue Misto Online communityFacebook Lounge and ClubHouse Pub –  very private and safe spaces, where you can share your experiences with  a Mixed world of the most disparate origins and features. A space where  members can integrate our content with their own reflections and  doubts, encouraging listeners to explore new paths towards  self-improvement and to acquire information that strengthens, unites and  elevates each one, reciprocally.


Métissage Sangue Misto Educational with three projects aimed at the world of Education and Education of the future generation: Métissage BeMyTutor ©, in which we carry out school recovery activities for children with  learning difficulties (Specific Learning Disorders and ADHD) and Project Métissage Rescue © , in which we deal with all those typical school problems of children  (foreigners, Mixed and not) who experience strong personal, family and  professional hardships, such as early school dropout, support for social  integration, Parent & Teen Mentoring. Finally, the newly born  Project, Teachers Lifelong Learning ©, aimed at teachers and school principals and dedicated to the  intercultural, professional and pedagogical training of teachers in  multicultural contexts.



Métissage Dynamics© dedicated to Mentoring activities and projects, with an EMCC Pro Certified Mentor. We offer several course packages that you can check in depth here.



·        Métissage Cultural & BusinessAwareness © – Nigeria.  ,  our Top Executive service. It is a commercial and training proposal,  based on Cultural Mentoring and the concept of Cultural Intelligence. We  offer strategic consultancy on how to work, in a smarter way, in an  increasingly complex global environment and provide our customers with  levels of cultural fluidity that allows them to work, without particular  problems, across cultural barriers, making them aware of the fact that  this ability is not achieved through osmosis. We offer a structured and  practical advisory that helps to navigate in a culturally complex  African business / commercial / institutional environment. We also  support organizations in addressing changes to improve performance and  results, without neglecting people’s well-being. We pay attention to the  specific needs of each client and we modulate each program by proposing  different methodologies, chosen from time to time, ensuring competence  in method and innovation.  This LinkedIn Newsletter, named Métissage Revolution, gives periodical tips and advice on our services too

·        COURSE FOR MIXED ADULTS:  focuses on the unique experience of growing mixed up in a world that pushes you to choose which side to take. The main objective of this course is to create a thriving Mixed  Personality of trust, resilience and mixed identity potential that can  be a starting point for all personal and professional efforts.

·        COURSE FOR PARENTS (EDUCATORS) OF MIXED KIDS, which focuses on the  education of Mixed children / teens, with a higher level of trust in  mixed identity, reflecting the true beauty, complexity and uniqueness  that it is the mixed experience. The goal is to raise mixed  children who understand and value their unique experience and have the  confidence in a mixed identity that allows for complete and permanent  harmony in their lives. By collaborating with your Mentor and as part of  the proposed course, you can expand your knowledge of your child’s  mixed experience by giving you a better view on how to raise your Mixed  Child, promoting greater confidence, resilience and self-love. You will  have the opportunity to deepen your family background and explore how to  incorporate it more fully into the growth of a confident, strong and  authentically Mixed child. You will observe and acquire the tools you  need to overcome obstacles that could prevent you, as a single-racial  parent, from parenting your mixed child to your fullest potential. You  will have access to the Mixed Community of Métissage Sangue Misto,  where other Mixed people or educators of Mixed people are hosted; an  internal resource where you will use new tools to progress in your  parenting, with greater personal power and intention, leaving you more  prepared for the beautiful and unique parenting experience that awaits  you.

·        MENTORING FOR IDENTITY RECOVERY, an intensive two-hour session that is super focused and designed to bring clarity, create momentum and devise actionable steps for a specific goal. This results-oriented session will provide you with the clarity you  need to begin taking the most practical and achievable steps towards  achieving a specific goal. This option is open to everyone.

·        EDUCATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING, dedicated to educational institutions, Organizations and Diversity & Inclusion Agencies. The educational consultation guides school administrators and teachers  in the development and correct implementation of the curriculum with a  culturally relevant and anti-racist pedagogical approach coupled with an  informed perspective on the traumas that the condition of Mixed can  create. Your Certified Mentor advises, guides and supports  professionals, organizations and agencies as needed, applying an  anti-racist, intersectional, culturally relevant and informed approach  to trauma and strategies for managing related conflicts.

·        “I NEED TO TALK”, a one-hour chat service for insights and training. Do you have more  complex questions, or do you want to receive your Mentor’s personal  reflections, or further explanations on topics and problems that are  obscure to you? Do you need to talk to someone who understands exactly how you feel? Do you want to feel comfortable being exactly who you are? Do you feel  like you belong to everything, but at the same time nowhere? So, let’s  talk about it! Our Cultural Life Mentor has managed to successfully  develop a positive racial identity and an adopted identity through  sharing her experiences, building and maintaining a cultural community,  living life authentically and embracing unconditional self-esteem .

·        “PER MINUTE” MENTORING,  a service provided exclusively to current and previous customers.  Mentoring “by the minute” means that you can make a one-time  appointment, lasting at least one hour, to deal with a situation that  requires immediate attention.

Padronanza Genitoriale Consapevole©  (currently in Italian, but will be soon released in English)  is a new guide by Métissage Sangue Misto Educational, and aims to raise and educate children and young people so that they are fully aware of their cultures, traditions and race. It is an original and new educational approach that is based on the  natural mechanisms that form the personality of the bi-multicultural and  bi-multiracial child, and promotes their maturation in a harmonious and  complete way.

The Guide is designed for all those (parents, educators, tutors and  professionals) who intend to acquire knowledge and skills, for personal  or professional purposes, regarding the state and evolution of a  bi-multiracial and bi-multicultural family, in order to recognize their  own relational modalities implemented, develop greater awareness and  then use them in their own area of   competence.

It is dedicated to interracial couples, to people who intersect  with individuals and adults who identify as Mixed or bi-racial, and who  wish to further explore their identities; to white, black or oriental  parents (single-parent or not) struggling with their Mixed children. And  finally, it is dedicated to all the Mixed who want to have a broader  idea of   how the parental role was fundamental for the determination of  their personalities.





Luisa Wizzy Casagrande, Bi-racial, Bicultural, Mixed & Matched with an Italian and Nigerian heritage.

She’s a multidimensional and multifaceted entrepreneur, with many  interests and countless passions. She  belongs to the tribe of  dynamic  and vibrant “Renaissance women”, and could not be otherwise. She’s not  programmed to do just one thing in life.

She’s got a background in Biological Anthropology, a huge  experience as a researcher of African studies, culture, tradition and  heritage and a Certified Mentor at SIM, the Italian School of Mentoring. She’s the Co-Founder and CVO of a Mining Company in Nigeria, DOLOMITE AGGREGATES LINK NIG. LTD and founder of Métissage Sangue Misto.  With an empathic-experiential-scientific style, and with great passion,  she strive to acknowledge, alphabetize and disclose issues related to  multi-cultural and multi-diversity identities. She offers her experience  and knowledge in a service available to all those who can, want and  should use them. IG MBA Métissage Boss Academy, Twitter MBA Metissage ,Tumbrl Métissage Sangue Misto , Métissage Telegram Channel , Métissage Tik Tok,  Métissage ClubHouse Profile and Métissage ClubHouse Room are all safe spaces created, where you can browse in a deep search for  youselves through small and great discoveries, sharing the experience of  “living as mixed” and acting as a bridge between two (or more)  cultures.



The best way to get started is to book a quick call  with our Cultural Life Mentor. This gives us the opportunity to meet and  be sure to make a good choice, as well as to explore all the options of  your course.

The first call is free, but by reservation. We invite you to consult our Contacts, Offers and Collaborations page for more information or email us at: info@metissagesanguemisto.com