Métissage Sangue Misto Hands over the mic to Dr. Remi Adekoya.

A beautiful conversation on Mixedness, Biracial Identities and many more


Métissage Sangue Misto personally don’t like doing interviews. We love having conversations with our guests, because we feel it’s the best way of understanding a complicated situation and seeing it from someone else’s perspective. Conversations matter because they are a foundation of good reporting, they make us avoid sitting still on our own opinions and judgment, emphasize the point or angle of a story, represent an opinion, provide important facts and information, or offer a counter argument. We enjoy the process because we have stories to tell, wisdom to impart, confessions to make and we do it with purpose, genuine desire, drive, passion. Mostly with passion because without passion, it’s nothing but a chore.


It’s not just about asking the right questions. It’s about genuine interest, flow, vibe, sincerity, concern, digging deeper, defining the unclear, attracting stories, avoiding awkwardness, and being conscious about all of that at the same time. We are observers. We take in every aspect of life and transpose it into a tale of the heart. We tap into the roots of life. There’s always something to say. Most people don’t see it, but it’s there. And that’s our role: to make people aware. See the unseen and draw it out into the light. Some see blue skies, while we  see eternity.


Life is a story made up of moments. There’s always a story to tell. This is why we try to bring to you exceptional conversations, with reciprocal genuine interest in our topics, incredibly informative perspectives that most people haven’t thought of or seen before and to give you consistency from one chat to another without sounding like a broken record when you have a chance to listen to the conversation archives all in one day.



This is why we created The Mixologist – Hand us over the MIC, our new chat dedicated to providing intel and inspiration to people working on the front lines of the multicultural world, whose voices are underrepresented. We strongly believe that amplifying voices benefits everyone, including the underrepresented ones. Featured guests discuss a variety of topics ranging from identity, belonging, all aspects of being creatively Mixed, and many more! At least good topics that are worth people’s time.


This space is a conversation between Mixed People and the people surrounding them or sharing the same path and, again, about Mixes dedicated to excellence and positive change. We are on a mission to interview the best and the brightest Mixed People around for inspiration, wisdom and the lessons along the way.



Today, Métissage Sangue Misto Hands over the mic to Dr. Remi Adekoya, a Mixed Polish_Nigerian political science academic at the University of York, journalist, commentator, political analyst and the author of Biracial Britain: A Different Way of Looking at Race” , a book that seeks to explore the unique mixed identity in an emotional and nuanced way. His main focus is identity in its emotional, psychological and political contexts, particularly how identity, history, psychology and politics overlap in white-majority Western and Black African societies.



I spent an amazing time with him in a deep conversation about Mixedness, rolling it round on a 360 degrees spinoff. Thank you Remi for helping me convey the message that only by acknowledging the multiplicity of our identity we can begin to simultaneously own our uniqueness and fully inhabit our ties to our fellow human beings. And thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to reconsider our “right place” in this Society which tends to embrace only the law of duality.




Celebrating, Inspiring, Valuing & Mentoring the Mixes and Mashes.

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