Mixed & Misunderstood


‘All Mixed Up’ is what I wanted 2 find out Confused mixed race people was my doubt Listen as I say this, I’m not gonna shout I’m here 2 educate u on what being ‘mixed’ is about. As a mixed race person, I’m never fully accepted As I’m not just 1 colour, I’m sometimes rejected Sometimes neglected Sometimes effected How come I was the 1 who GOD selected? He gave me this look of originality With light skin and hair that’s curly I looked different from the rest, so they asked me Where was I from? What’s my nationality? They put me into this different category Like I wasn’t like them, and they wasn’t like me In their eyes their were no similarities Mixed race, half-caste or half -breed Not fully 1 colour so they criticised me Said I think I’m 2 nice and all this negativity What term would u use 2 describe me? U never took the time 2 get 2 know me properly Put aside my looks and get 2 know my personality Let me get rid of this illusion in society A confused individual! That’s not me! This is not a tale, this IS REALITY! So before I go, let me get this off my chest I must tell u, I must confess, That we like being different from the rest With our own nationality, nothing more, nothing less So the answer 2 your question is of course YES! We’re proud of what we are, if u haven’t guessed So it looks like it was US, who GOD blessed Now confident in ourselves, MIXED RACE IS THE BEST!


Danielle Imbert